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Panic! At The Disco: The Gospel Tour - Update 1

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one night and one more time thanks pete

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Old Panic! and their timelines of playing in the band 

To commemorate “Split Day”


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dear westboro baptist church: 


AP 313.3 cover shoot image [x]
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"Fixation or psychosis? Devoted to neurosis now”


the deterioration of one mans ego.  

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"I am just a villain vying for attention from a girl”

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Story time so of course as usually happens at the concerts dallon and kenny threw their picks into the crowd and one landed near me so everybody was turning their phone lights on searching for it, but nobody could find it, then I turned to my friend and he slowly handed it to me because it had landed right by his foot and nobody noticed because they were searching by me, and I swear I nearly cried.

I call it the mystery pick because idk if it was dallons or kennys x I don’t know, maybe they just had a couple spares in their pockets, but either way it’s been in possession of one or all of them so I owe my friend so much.

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